Race report from Fynn Schooley at the Grand Prix cyclistes de Brossard


On may 4th at about twenty to one, I was lined up in the Gp cyclistes de Brossard. I was already soaked but really excited to ride the 1.5 km 5 corner course. It was my first race as a cadet in Quebec this year and I knew it would be a very competitive field. About fifty of us awaited the start of a hard 45 minute race in the rain. Right from the start I knew positioning was going to be key. I got right up in the first 10 in the peloton. It was a fast pace! There was a split in the peloton just 5 or so laps in. There were a few early attacks but nothing stuck. I found myself at the back of the peloton after my right foot unclipped from the pedal when I was sprinting out of a corner. I battled hard for three laps and made it back to the front safely. About 30 minutes into the race, Thierry Kirouac Marcassa attacked on the home straight. I jumped across and bridged the gap onto his wheel. Thierry was the overall winner of Mardis cyclistes de lachine last year. He won as a first year cadet. Finding myself on his wheel 50 metres ahead of the peloton going full gas gave me a good feeling about the season. Neither of us wanted to work together so we fell back to the group. At this point, I was soaked and really cold. I was looking forward to changing into my sweats and hoodie. But we still had another 10 minutes + 3 laps to do. I raced calmly at the front until 2 laps to go where I worked myself into a good position to sprint from. We came around the last corner into the home straight. At about 350 metres I was on the right of the group 4 back where I wanted to be. I had a good feeling. As I started my sprint which was early. The lead out of a sprinter of Laval espoirs followed cut in front of me. I had to slow down and sprint around them taking off later than the eventual winner. I made my way to tenth. My sprint had got blocked but at the end of the day I was happy with my performance in the race. I had done well in my first cadet race and learned a few things! Season’s in full swing now! Thank you to my dad for driving me to the race. Wouldn’t have “almost felt” like I had hypothermia without him!


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