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Most Popular MTB Trails in South Africa

Mountain biking also referred to as MTB, is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Among the reasons why many are hooked up to this sport is that is good for the health, it helps improve self-esteem and it is a good way to socialize with other people. South Africa has a number of exciting and challenging mtb trails that draws bikers not only from the country but also from all over the world. The annual mountain bike stage race held in the Western Cape attracts elite professional mountain bikers from around the world. Here are the most popular MTB trails in South Africa:

Tokai, Cape Town

Tokai offers Cape Town’s finest year-round mtb trails. The trails offer views of Constantia Valley and Table Mountain. The trails are all built according to International Mountain Biking Association standards and are color-coded according to their grading.Tokai’s trails are rough and tough with lots of massive roots that require every bit of concentration. The park has many route options from novice to experienced mountain bikers.

Karkloof MTB Trails, KwaZulu-Natal

Karkloof MTB Trails is a world-class trail network and regarded as one of the most popular mtb trails in South Africa. It has a good mix of natural and handmade mtb trails to keep things interesting. The trail network is accessible year-round and offers a mixture of terrain which are 7km – 37km various color-coded routes. The best thing about Karkloof is that it offers picturesque views and adrenaline-filled features.

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Tygerberg Trails, Western Cape

Tygerberg Trails is managed by the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club. It is an integrated network of trails spanning over 120km in the Durbanville Mountains. These mtb trails range from easy to extreme with single-track, jeep track, and farmland terrains. The system of trails includes Majik Forest, Hillcrest, Meerendal, Contermanskloof, and Hoogekraal which operate a day permit system and offer a range of trails ranging from 5km to 18km. Tygerberg network, Bloemendal, the Corridor, Nitida to Hillcrest and Hillcrest are accessible only by members.

Northern Farm MTB Trails, Gauteng

Northern Farm MTB Trails is in the 2500-hectare Northern Farm Nature Reserve. It offers trails which range from easy to intermediate making it a friendly destination for beginners. The trails are open only over weekends and public holidays and have four color-coded route options which are designed to suit specific riders.

Giba Gorge MTB Park, KwaZulu-Natal

Giba Gorge is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s most popular mtb trails. Giba Gorge offers a variety of technical challenges ranging from intermediate to extreme, including rocks, roots, drops and tight switchbacks, up and downhill. The trails are divided into various color-coded routes such as blue, green, purple, enduro and downhill. The park allows riders to flow ride one trail to another through the link-ups of the trail network. Giba Gorge also features a world-class combo BMX track which offers some of the best permanent dirt jumps in the country.

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Goegap MTB Trails, Northern Cape

Goegap MTB Trails offer a fascinating pedal exploration with its rugged and steep desert-like terrain littered with rocks, boulders, and giant aloes. It is a 35km network of jeep-tracks, semi-desert, and gravel roads through the Goegap Nature Reserve. The trails make for During the months of August to October is the best time to visit Goegap MTB Trails.

Eselfontein Farm MTB Track, Western Cape

Eselfontein Farm MTB Track offers intermediate to advanced 65kms of mountain biking bliss. The trail is interesting to ride because of the obstacles with seemingly-endless climbs and radical descents. It offers the best mix of high elevations, river crossings, and panoramic views which makes it one of the most popular single track MTB trails in South Africa. Riding Eselfontein requires technical ability, high fitness levels with good handling skills because it was made for hard-core mountain bikers.

Impala Ranch MTB Trails, Eastern Cape

Impala Ranch is a 1000-hectare pristine farmland which was turned into mountain biking trails by the Marais family. The trails offer intermediate to advance single-track with trademark wooden bridges and breath-taking scenery.

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Most Popular Mountain Biking Destinations in the World

Mountain biking is a thrilling sport for those you love adventure, beautiful scenery and physical activity. Generally, experienced mountain bikers want to experience riding the best trails and visit some of the most popular mountain biking destinations in the world. MTB trails can vary from pleasant rides to challenging technical singletrack.

Here are some of the popular mountain biking destinations in the world:

Alps, France

Alps, France

The Alps are a prime mountain biking destination for hardcore mountain bikers with its thrilling downhills and natural single tracks. It is the most common destination for British mountain bikers. The alpine sceneries are breathtaking, typical old wooden mountain chalets, glaciers cascading from mountain tops, lush green and flower covered pastures, snow-covered peaks, and cows with their jingling bells. Whatever your discipline is, Enduro, All  Mountain, XC or downhill, you will surely have a good ride because there are plenty of choices of riding, from downhill in Morzine to all-mountain in Chamonix. There are also chairlifts that are in place to eliminate steep ascents if you choose to use them.

Park City, Utah

Park City, Utah

Park City is located on the western side of the Rocky Mountains. It has a mild weather and no bodies of water in sight. It sits at 2,100m and the trails go a further couple of thousand meters higher. Before attempting a serious bike trip in the Park City, bikers should be accustomed to high altitude. Park City not only offers the spectacular scenery but also some of the best trails in the world. The natural terrain has created some exciting and interesting trails making it one of the popular mountain biking destinations in the world. There are over 400 miles of a large network of trails in Park city so you won’t get bored easily. If you like well-marked trails and technical singletrack, Park city is the best place for you.

Rotorua New Zealand


This is a great place to bike during all months of the year and an affordable destination for bikers traveling on a budget and has an impressive claim to the title of the “best trails in the world”. Rotorua is a mountain biking destination famous for the Whakarewarewa Forest with a diverse and unique network of over 100km mountain bike trails. It has XC trails and downhill courses to keep intermediate and expert mountain bikers busy. These trails in lush surroundings make Rotorua a must-ride destination. Moreover, New Zealand’s Rotorua has been described by many as one of the hottest places to ride. It also has some thermal hot springs nearby to soak those sore muscles after your ride.

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Whistler, in addition to being a prime skiing and snowboarding destination, it is also one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in the world. The city is located along the stunning west coast of British Columbia. Whistler offers over 120 miles of trails for bikers to explore. Many of the trails are accessible by the chairlifts used during the ski season. The trails cater for beginners through to experts. Mountain bikers should prepare to sweat and work hard to complete the expert trails because they are not for mountain bikers looking for a quick and easy ride. Whistler is considered a challenge due to its length and the technical aspects that bikers will encounter.

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang, Nepal

Mustang is a ‘must do’ for those who want to experience Himalayan riding. It is one of the most popular mountain biking destination in the world because it is surrounded by some of the most breathtaking mountainous scenery in the world. Mountain Biking in the Mustang region of Nepal is a unique adventure because it has a history dating back centuries, with a wealth of cultural heritage strongly anchored in Buddhism. Indeed, it is an area for experienced mountain bikers who love the gorgeous scenery and local culture. Most bikers start their journey near Annapurna or at the nearby airports in Jomsom or Kathmandu. Lo Manthang is considered one of the best trails in Mustang.

Best MTB Routes Italy, Italy, MTB Routes

Booking A Trip And Finding The Best MTB Routes Italy

Traveling the Best MTB Routes Italy

When you are planning in Italian vacation with cycling as the basis, you need to be sure that you can find the best mountain biking routes in Italy. In order to do this, there are a few good tips you will want to remember so that you are planning trip to the best of your ability. By going about it in this manner, it will be much easier for you to have plenty of time out and about on bike riding trails and you will be able to enjoy the sights, sounds and festivities of Italy. Focus on these tips to plan your trip out to the best of your ability.

Go With a Group

Any time that you are planning out such a trip, it is always best to do so with numbers. If you are part of a cycling community or club, begin planning the trip as early as possible and get together a nice sized group. Going from the small bike riding community in your local area to a beautiful trip cycling through Italy’s hills and majestic scenery will make it all worthwhile. You will have plenty of good energy throughout every part of the trip, along with the support of people who care about you.

Find the Best Trails

Before booking your trip to Italy, you should research all of the best Italian bike trails in the area. There are a lot of picturesque locations that are perfect for cyclists who are very enthusiastic about the sport. You can also stop by to view a professional cycling competition as part of your trip in order to gain some inspiration and also link up with other cycling enthusiasts from all over the world. This can be a great way to get out of your comfort zone and see the world, while enjoying the sport that you love.

Keep Your Bike in Good Condition

It is also very critical that you do everything possible to maintain your bike. Before the trip, take it in for a thorough inspection and tune-up so that you are best able to bring it with you and enjoy yourself. You should also research some bike shops in Italy you can stop by if necessary beforehand. This way, you know exactly where to turn if you need some emergency supplies. But regardless, the better you maintain your bike, the more fun you can expect to have during the trip.

Make the most out of these strategies so that you are able to enjoy a mountain biking trip in Italy. You will be up to explore the terrain, scenery and wonderful weather that Italy has to offer, while also getting out of your comfort zone to enjoy some new bike riding trails. In order to make the most out of this trip, follow these tips accordingly so that you are planning it out the best of your ability and creating lasting memories.

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Tour The Stellenbosch Wineries By Bicycle

Can you imagine a more eco-friendly and adventurous weekend trip than a wine tasting and vineyard bicycle tour? This isn’t the mere fantasy of wine lovers everywhere—you truly can experience it in the South African cape winelands of Stellenbosch.

Soak up the culture and beauty of the local vineyards in Stellenbosch by taking a tour via bicycle—where you can travel, get exercise, and sample the wares of area vintners while remaining “carbon negative.”

Aimed at wine enthusiasts and young-at-heart lovers of the outdoors, these tours offer a unique perspective to tourists and visitors to the region, combining fresh air and exercise on mountain bikes with respites at up to four of the best wine estates in Stellenbosch.

Located just over thirty miles from the urban setting of Cape Town, visitors can easily make this a day trip, or stay in the area at a variety of inns. Bike tours are led down gorgeous vineyards, quiet farm roads and along peaceful country roads flanked by trees.

With a variety of tours to choose from, there is something for everyone. With tours available for all ages and all fitness levels, including customized tours to meet your individual tastes and larger tours for teams and corporate groups, you’re sure to find a tour that suits your needs.

Each tour offers a different level of intensity, with shorter or longer distances, some with luxury extras added, like a stop at a world renown brandy distillery to taste some of their distinctive brandies. Experts will guide you through the tours, educating you about the wine tasting process and the variety of grapes and blends offered by each winery.

There are easier rides, like a 5 mile tour that takes a slow pace and passes a wildlife sanctuary, stopping at two wineries plus a brandy distillery, with a picnic lunch under towering oaks at a winery estate. From there, the tours extend up to an intense ride of more than 18 miles, which is comprised of a private tour through Elgin Valley in the Overberg mountains.

There is even a family tour that involves a ride of just under five miles, with tastings at two incredible wineries and a brandy distillery for the parents. Safety is of the utmost concern, so expert guides will stay by your children’s sides to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe trip, leaving the happy parents the freedom to enjoy the day.

These trips depart in the mornings for a full day tour or in the early afternoon for a shorter afternoon tour. Prices range from about $37 to $75 per person, depending on the tour and the amenities included. The price tends to include your expert guide for the cycle trip, the bike rental and a helmet, and all tastings that occur on the trip.

Additional fees will apply for extra tastings, pairings, personal wine purchases, and a return transfer back to the meeting point, if desired. The price does not include gratuities for the guides, lunch, or any entrance fees that may be applicable to certain tours.

These fantastic trips are an excellent way to learn about the South African Winelands and to immerse yourself in the local culture. Because of their popularity, it is highly recommended that you book well in advance, as the tours do fill up.

Best Cape Town Cycling Tours, Cape Town, Cape Town Cycling Tours

How To Find The Best Cape Town Cycling Tours

If you are interested in booking a Cape Town cycling tour, it can be difficult to pinpoint which of the available options will offer the most benefit. You don’t want to make a reservation then and you end up wasting money on an unsatisfactory experience. Here is some advice that will help you find the best of the bunch.

Before you get started, the first thing you will need to do is decide on a reasonable budget. All tours do not have the same price, so people who have different incomes can find something that suits their needs. With that said, the adage about getting what you pay for is true in some cases. Basically, you cannot set aside a small amount and expect to receive the best possible tour.

Talk to your friends and neighbors about tours they have taken. One way to find the best option would be to ask those around you. If you know that someone in your circle has gone on a tour before, do not hesitate to get their opinion about it. This can help immensely when looking for the perfect choice. Keep in mind that this is even helpful when friends have had negative experiences since you will know which options should be avoided at all costs.

Reading online reviews is always a great way to get some feedback on any of the tours you are considering. Make sure that you read through a decent number of reviews before factoring into your decision-making process. The last thing you want is to make a decision based on a glowing review you read and it turns out that it was written by someone who owns the tour company in question. You should only give reviews serious thought when there are several people that have similar feedback.

Head to the website of any company you are considering and take note of their professionalism. If you notice that there are a slew of misspellings, missing contact information and page errors, you would be better off doing business with someone else. You do not want your trip to hinge on a company that has a difficult time representing themselves to potential customers.

Read all of the fine print before buying anything. You want to be certain of what is included in the price you will be paying. It is also good to know the company policies when it comes to things like cancellations. Ignorance will not be a viable defense if you sign paperwork without reading it first, so make sure that you read each word very carefully.

Going on the best bicycle tour Cape Town has to offer is an experience that many people will not have in their lifetimes. If you want to throw caution to the wind and make this a part of your reality, make sure that you keep this advice in mind. It will help you find a tour company that you will be more than happy to do business with.

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Best Downhill MTB Routes California

To make sure that you are making the most out of your trip to California to enjoy some cycling, you will be able to do so when you handle some research and plan accordingly. In this regard, there are a lot of different areas of the state that will be useful to you. You can provide yourself the opportunity to enjoy California sunshine, while also becoming a better cyclist and giving yourself access to routes and trails that you have never been to before. When planning out your trip, start out by using these tips to the best of your ability.

#1: Figure out which part of the state you want to visit and research the absolute best trails around

By taking the time and energy to understand California’s geography, you will be putting your best foot forward when planning such a trip. There are a lot of locations in California that are very different. Some examples include Southern California, the Bay Area and Northern California. Each has its different bike routes and bike trails and this will allow you the opportunity to enjoy everything that you can get out of this vacation. So to learn more, start out by picking the best geographical area in the state that you have always wanted to enjoy.

#2: Plan your travel arrangements out in advance

It would behoove you to also plan out your travel to the best of your ability. Make sure that you start planning it out and booking your stay as far in advance as you possibly can. When you wait too long, you can all but guarantee that prices will go up and you will end up paying more than you otherwise would have. Look into a number of different websites in order to find the best deal that you possibly can. This provides you the opportunity to enjoy your trip and will make sure that you have a safe place to stay that is comfortable and inviting anytime that you are planning a trip.

#3: Get your bike in the best condition possible

Finally, be sure that you do everything that you possibly can to keep your bike in great condition. Find a bike shop that will serve you and you will have nothing to worry about when it comes to being safe and sound on the trail. There are a lot of bike shops around that you can turn to ahead of time, and you can also take your bike to a California bike shop to make sure that you are well prepared for everything that the trail can throw at you.

Start with these tips so that you are able to make the most out of any sort of bike trip you have in mind. By capitalizing on these tips, you can make the most out of your travel and will have no problem finding wonderful trails that will push you and also allow you to enjoy the scenery. Follow these tips and you will be in great hands.