West of Quebec Wheelers fundraiser


As the poster says, now is the time to order your deep dish, 10″ work of wonder Apple Crumble Pie.  A long time Wheeler who goes by the name of Crusty will be baking these pies with the help of fellow Wheelers.  There’s no other pie like it in town.The Wheelers have a few projects on their pie plate this year. One is to send a team of cadets to the Tour de la Relève stage race again.  This dough will help fund this project.To get dibs on a pie:

1. pre-pay by e-transfer ONLY before 6:00 pm. on Thursday, March 26, 2015. Send $25 to wqwheelers@gmail.com
2. Also send us a note – by email or in the e-transfer message box-  telling us where to deliver your pie. Choose from A, B, or C

A. Tall Tree Cycles  1318 Wellington Street West
B. Euro-Sports 250 City Centre Ave. Unit 124
C. Pecco’s 85 rue du Portage

The pies will come hot out of the oven and be delivered to your choice of these 3 local bike shops. Pick up your pie between 3 pm and closing time on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

A very big thank you to the shops for facilitating this fundraising effort!  Note that the shops will NOT be collecting your pie money, and they will NOT be responsible for pies not picked up by closing time on Saturday, March 28!

Order your pie today!  As Crusty says, “Tonight‘s dessert is tomorrow‘s best breakfast of baked apples and oats.”

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Tour des Ponts 2014


Fall is just around the corner and the end of  the cycling season approaches just as fast as summer went in the blink of an eye.  With that time comes the world famous (an sometimes infamous) West Quebec Wheelers Tour des Ponts.  As usual, there will be 2 routes.  A short-and-talking-pace 100 and a faster-and-not-so-short 150. 

BUT, hold on. This year we are riding the route backwards!!  Yep, start with the ferry ride on the new improved world famous Quyon ferry, head up the Valley on the Ontario side, and come home on the Quebec side.

We’ll feed you a hot meal when you make it back to Gavan’s.   Make sure to bring a few dollars for your entrance fee and a cold one.   Registration is October 4th anytime after 7:30 and is 30$ (25$ for WQW members).  We roll out at 10 AM.  Come for breakfast! The gang at Gavan’s puts on a stick to your ribs breakfast (for around $10).

P.S. The map of the ride is here, however, the arrows need to point in the other direction ;-)



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Catherine Bouchard ends at the top of the podium at Lake of Bays

Lake of Bays Road Race WINLake of Bays Road Race O-Cup #8

Aug 24, 2014

Last weekend, I travelled to the picturesque Muskoka region to enter the Lake of Bays Road Race. The course was a hilly 94 km and included some gravel action. I came away with the 1st place in the Masters A&B Category, my first ever win!

Sunday morning, the weather was perfect (much, much better than the previous year by all accounts). I had re-conned the course the previous day and my plan was to conserve as much energy as possible during the race so I could attack on the 8-km finish leg, which featured several climbs. I sat in at the back of the peloton and kept an eye on Elite 3 rider Thea Mizuhara from Lapdogs Cycling Club. I had a hunch she was going to attack at some point and thought I would like to be on a breakaway with her.


About 70 km in, Thea smoothly made her way from the back to the front of the peloton and sat quietly there for a few moments. I had a pretty good idea of what might happen next so I moved up carefully, trying to avoid raising suspicion. By the time I had reached the front, she was already a short distance from the peloton, casually sneaking away. I jumped, sprinting as fast as I could to bridge the gap. I glanced back after a few seconds, hoping I had not dragged the whole pack with me. To my surprise and amazement, we seemed to be getting away. As I began to close in on her, I shouted to her to GO! She turned the power on and we were gone! We stayed away for 3-4 kms, trading wheels every few hundred meters. However we had already lost some ground when came a uphill mud patch covered with loose gravel.  My rear wheel lost traction and I slowed right down. We were caught. I thought how ironic for a Wheeler to meet her demise at the hand of a gravel patch.


Back inside the head peloton, I focused on recovering, thinking I might still be able to carry on my initial plan of attacking in the final climbs. With 15 km to go, I had to slow down abruptly while going up a hill. I must have been in the middle of shifting because my chain dropped when I stood on the pedals again. I pulled out of the way and fixed my chain as the peloton gradually moved out of sight. This was not part of the plan, but thankfully, those girls were all Elite 3’s and Juniors and I was still ahead in my own race.


The Lake of Bays Road Race organisers, hosts and volunteers all did a fantastic job and I thank them for making this event possible and the great success it was.


As this may well have been my last race this season, I would also like to reiterate my gratitude to the West of Quebec Wheelers for your support and contribution in making my first racing season a highly positive and enjoyable experience!


Catherine Bouchard

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Wheeler comes in 4th at Ontario Provincials.

West of Quebec Wheeler Catherine Bouchard went on the war path again and took 4th place at the Ontario Provincials.  This picture was taken 100 meters from the finish line.  Nice work Catherine.  You are a force to be reckoned with.



***Photo courtesy of Pat Pelda

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Race report of the Women’s UCI race at the Gatineau Grand Prix from Justine Clift

Justine Clift

There’s a scrap of duct tape on my stem with the word ‘belong’ written in Sharpie; a reminder to myself that I am where I need to be, that I have earned my place on the start line, and that the wheel in front of me is mine to hold. This past weekend brought me to the start line of my first UCI races, the GP Gatineau and the Chrono Gatineau time trial. With the invaluable help of the Wheelers, I was able to hold some fast wheels and gain some critical big race experience with a top-10 finish.

After a rainy pre-ride on Thursday, the Friday time trial was thankfully dry. It was a technical course, therefore I took it out conservatively, perhaps too much so, trying not to burn myself out on the first grinding uphill off the start line. After the first section I settled in, attempting to ride aggressively through the corners- one of which I definitely needed to be on the brakes for! Luckily, I saved this too-fast turn at the last second and came away satisfied with my overall effort and a 14th place finish in a field of over 40 riders.

Saturday’s 120km race has been re-told to me several times, and there was great online and live coverage. Due to the intensity of the effort, my experience is not very coherent but can be summarized as:

Laps 1-6: Move up, move up, move up. Corner, crash, chase, corner. Move up, move up, move up!
With the pace not high enough to string out the peleton, and corners almost every kilometre, it was messy off the start line! Lots of contact and a few crashes kept things interesting, to say the least.

Laps 7-8: Chase. Sit up. Chase for real.
The first significant break was caught at about 60km after Tibco went to the front to bring it back. In the counterattack that followed 5 girls got away, with all the big teams represented. I initially went to the front to initiate the chase, but around one of the roundabouts a gap opened up and I put my head down and kept going.

Laps 8-12: Don’t screw up. Don’t screw up. Don’t screw up.
I bridged to the break alone, making contact sooner than I expected. I committed fully to the effort knowing that I wouldn’t have anything left if we were caught. In hindsight, I should have been more strategic, because when it came down to the final kilometre, the moves happened quickly and my legs had nothing left to respond.

So it was 6th place for me- a result indicative of all the work I have done over the past year and a welcome reminder that I have earned my place in the peleton.

What a warm welcome to the Wheelers! Thanks again for all your support that made this experience possible for me and my teammates.

Pro-Elite Team 2014

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