The West Q Wheelers Club is all about a community of like-minded biking fanatics which make an effort to develop positive relationships between bike riders of any age and coming from all avenues of life. We invite newbies and experienced competitors as well and the passion for road riding and mountain biking is simply comparable to the happiness and freedom riding offers.

We merely love bike riding, experiencing and enjoying the stunning scenery which our great country gives and we wish to share the feeling of freedom as well as the happiness of heart which cycling a bike gives every time we head out on a brand new adventure. We know that you’re going to enjoy the excitement which the members give to every ride as well as the laughter and common experiences over the coffee right after a trip or at our renowned hospitality right after an event. We would like you to know the way we really feel about biking and the reason why we like it.

We would also like you to have as much entertainment from your riding as you possibly can, regardless of where you are, and keeping this in mind we hope you’ll consider our clubs.

Presently we’ve got 3 Club sites all around Cape Town in which club members could meet up with each other for club rides and some other social events.

At West Q Wheelers we’re all about value and we would like you to experience the advantages that cycling offers. Much of this is helping you in taking part in this healthful cycling way of life and thus we provide a wide selection of bicycles, clothes, shoes, accessories as well as technology allowing you to have the right bike and all sorts of right equipment to help keep you healthy and safe. West Q Wheelers Club members take advantage of an in-store discount of 5% upon all purchases apart from sale items.

Our desire for you is that you cycle frequently or whenever you can. We invite you to participate the best cycling club in Cape Town, to be able to also enjoy lots of the present advantages that our member’s program gets!

We’ve outlined some of the quantifiable advantages below, however as we know for our every member, it’s greater than this, it’s one thing personal to every one of them. A better time, a time in the front, a very good bunny-hop, the happiness of a terrific morning ride. In your case, we hope it’s going to be the happiness of biking and the others we know follows.

For us, it’s the open road as well as the friendship that accompanies the excellent companionship of several other people who want to take pleasure in the biking way of life. Riding can change your life.

Positive Factors We Have:

  • Every week Marshalled Club rides along with experience team leaders coming straight from West Q Wheelers
  • Specialized top quality support vehicle providing roadside support and service
  • Our own renowned West Q Wheelers Club hospitality in big biking events across the Cape Town
  • Newbie clinics every morning during Saturday
  • A regular monthly Ride Magazine – both electronic and magazine
  • 100% Enjoyment

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